Supporting Interior Specifications with an Environmental Carbon Neutral High-Pressure Laminate

The extensive range of interior materials available to both suppliers and specifiers already proposes challenges.

Now, with the increasing market demand for sustainable resources and pressures on considerations for the health of our planet for tomorrows security and this with Government legislation creates another element of complexity in selecting a material supplier offering a Carbon Neutral product that provides no compromise on quality or price.

BioCarbon Laminates have been on this Carbon Neutral journey and in recognition of their responsibilities as a sustainable and ethical brand, they have been through their product development practices and made changes in the choice of raw materials, manufacturing processes, energy sources and consumption levels –to even freight and distribution to the customer – in order to confidently provide a Carbon Neutral decorative laminate available in both HPL and SGL.

BioCarbon Laminates worked with an independent third party namely EcoAct, a company that works with businesses to address their climate ambitions and make a positive contribution to a low carbon world.

The interiors industry can now take a fresh look at the environmental impact of Commercial interiors and start on their own carbon neutral initiative whilst maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

As one of the first adopters of a net zero product, BioCarbon Laminates are proud to launch to the UK market through distribution partner Performance Panels Ltd, to provide a range that is suitable for installation and refurbishment projects across a wide range of sectors including education, leisure, hospitality, healthcare, retail and mass transit.

We now have the requirements that can meet the designers in all areas of the A and D community, with the security of providing a Carbon Neutral product at no extra costs and quality on par with leading manufacturers and all within the recognised standards of:


Architects and Interior Designers now have a new opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment following the launch of a unique range of decorative laminates.

The BioCarbon Laminates brand is distributed in the UK by Performance Panels Limited.
For further information please contact:
Lynsey Cutler, Group Marketing Manager
+44 (0) 1536 446320