BioCarbon Laminates have featured in a prestigious project at the JFK airport in New York, one of the largest airports on the planet. 

Experienced fabricator Bousfields recommended BioCarbon Laminates as the material of choice for this project, where sustainability was an influencing factor. This along with achieving specific design requirements and delivering on performance qualities.   

BioCarbon Laminates, the UK’s first ever carbon neutral laminate, were used for vertical wall paneling around various areas in the airport to create this eye-catching, abstract design using state-of-the-art machinery. 

Key material properties

New York is the ultimate tourist destination in the United States and one of the biggest globally. With more than 50 million people passing through the corridors of JFK airport every year, our material’s durability and impact resistant properties will help to battle off any wear and tear.  

The solid grade laminate (SGL) used for this project is fire retardant (B-s1, d0) as standard, and in an environment susceptible to rigorous fire safety standards this feature is important.  

Colourful, abstract BioCarbon Laminates mounted on the walls as part of a prestigious JFK airport project in New York, United States of America.

A sustainable solution for JFK airport

All 45.05 tons of carbon emissions generated from the manufacture, fabrication, delivery and install of BioCarbon Laminates for this JFK airport project have been calculated and offset through a Carbon Management Programme to ensure carbon neutrality cradle-to-gate.   

We are all becoming much more aware of the ongoing climate crisis and therefore adapting our choices to better suit the environment. With that in mind we were conscious in producing a carbon neutral laminate. The laminates themselves are produced in a carbon neutral facility which constantly monitors carbon emissions and reduces them to zero. 

To lower our carbon footprint, we have replaced VOC-emitting resins for a water-based alternative. We engage in carbon off-setting through the use of renewables including hydroelectric power. In addition to this, we counter carbon emissions with a reforestation tree-planting programme. 

Picasso-inspired BioCarbon Laminates mounted on the walls around JFK airport in New York, United States of America.

Through our UK Distributor, Performance Panels the carbon neutral journey continues. As part of their sustainable distribution initiative, the carbon emissions of every delivery are calculated, and Performance Panels take responsibility of emissions generated whilst in their care. Through their carbon management programme carbon emissions are offset by investing in gold standard carbon credits to ensure a cleaner delivery of goods, achieving carbon neutral deliveries to your door. 

We relish the opportunity to support our customers on their own carbon neutrality journey as we all work towards a sustainable future. 

For more information on our sustainability initiatives and how BioCarbon Laminates can be utilised in your next project, get in contact with us on +44 (0) 300 373 0091. 

If you are interested in our decor selection, visit the Performance Panels website, and if you’re interested in bespoke solutions, visit the Bousfields website.