As part of Ipswich Town Football Club’s big stadium improvements back in 2022, BioCarbon Laminates was selected as the material of choice to renovate the coaches’ changing rooms at Portman Road.

‘The Tractor Boys’ are going up!

Ipswich Town were promoted back to the Premier League after 22 years. The Ipswich Town standings meant they finished in the top two and earned automatic promotion last weekend (Saturday 4th May). In honour of this achievement, we are looking back to this amazing Helmsman Lockers & Cubicles changing room project at the Ipswich Town stadium.

Coaches' changing rooms at Ipswich Town stadium.

The décor of choice on this project was Gabbro (BC342). This was used to create a sleek, sophisticated, and modern atmosphere to the changing rooms. The grey décor has a graining to it that helps to subtly add texture to the area.

BioCarbon Laminates, the UK’s first ever carbon neutral laminate, has been featured on the bespoke cubicles, four sets of integrated plumbing system panels, and a solid grade laminate vanity unit, all within the coaches’ changing rooms.

Utilising key features

This project has leveraged on the outstanding impact resistance of BioCarbon Laminates which is incredibly important in a high traffic area like a changing room. BioCarbon Laminates will withstand all the bumps and bashes and maintain its immaculate finish.

Coaches' changing rooms at Ipswich Town stadium.

Additionally the moisture resistance of BioCarbon Laminates will ensure that you do not need to replace them. In an area that is susceptible to moisture, it is important that this project selected a material that did not soak up water and rot the laminate. Combine this with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection and you have a laminate that can stand up to the challenges of a football changing room.

The ‘easy to clean’ feature of BioCarbon Laminates will have come in handy after the celebrations last weekend. Take a tour around the Ipswich Town stadium and discover BioCarbon Laminates.

Coaches' changing rooms at Ipswich Town stadium.

For more information about BioCarbon Laminates, visit our website: If you’re interested in learning more about how BioCarbon Laminates can be used in your project, contact our UK distributor Performance Panels on +44 (0) 300 373 0091

Good luck to Ipswich Town Football Club as they embark on their Premier League adventure next season!